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Buy or Lease?...Let Us Help You Decide

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is no laughing matter. This important decision will impact your livelihood for the upcoming years, so do yourself a favor and commit to your investment. Often times our customers will come to us and ask, "Should I buy a car or lease a car? Which one is better?". The answer to that question really depends on you as an individual.

Is Leasing a New Vehicle the Best Option for Me?

If you are trying to avoid a large down payment, than leasing may be the option for you. In addition, your monthly payments will be lower compared to the payments you would be making if you bought a car. Why? Because when you lease a car, you are only paying for the usage of the car and not the actual car itself.

Should I Purchase a Vehicle with a Traditional Auto Loan?

On the flip side, if you enjoy taking road trips or have a large daily commute to commit to, then the mileage restrictions on a lease could be a hindrance to your lifestyle. Those who use a traditional loan are much more interested in eventually owning the vehicle and typically plan on driving the vehicle for several years to come.

How to Choose the Best Auto Finance Option?

At Harry Blackwell Ford, we understand how overwhelming a decision like this can be to make. If you need a second opinion, don't be intimidated to ask one of our experienced financial experts which decision you should make. We will listen intently to your needs and preferences in order to help you make the most sensible decision that correlates with what you are looking for in a vehicle.

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