Use Harry Blackwell Ford's Equifax Credit Score Estimator to estimate your credit score easily, safely and for free in just a few simple steps. It is always good to know where your credit score stands, but this information can be especially helpful when you are purchasing a new vehicle.   

Using Harry Blackwell's Credit Score Estimator does not impact your credit score and is completely free. Simply provide some basic information in the form below such as your name, address, and zip code and estimate your credit score today.

Can Estimating My Credit Score Help in the Vehicle Purchasing Process?

Estimating your credit score can give you information that will be helpful to you in the vehicle purchasing process. Knowing your credit score upfront will give you a good idea of where you will stand with potential lenders. Also, you may find that your credit score is not where you thought it would be. You may be excited to find it is better than you expected, but in some cases, you may find that it is lower than you think it should be. If your credit score does not look right to you, getting your credit score estimate will give you a chance to look into it further, and correct any possible errors on your credit report before applying for a car loan.  

Apply Online for Financing at Harry Blackwell Ford

In addition to estimating your credit score with our online Equifax Credit Score Estimator, you can also apply online for financing. Once you know your credit score, you may want to go ahead and get your loan application started. You can do so simply and easily with our online finance application. To get started on finding the best Ford auto loan or lease for you, just complete our straight-forward online form. Then, a member of our Finance Team will reach out to you to discuss your options and next steps.  

Value Your Trade-in

The value of your trade-in may plays a big part in your vehicle purchasing process. The value of your trade will impact how much you need to borrow to purchase your vehicle and may even impact which vehicle you choose. If you are wondering how much your trade-in is worth you can find out quickly and easily using our online tool.    

Browse Our Inventory Online

Looking for a Ford truck, car or SUV? Do you want to purchase new or find a quality pre-owned vehicle? Whatever you are looking for, you can browse our inventory online from the comfort of your own home! Go ahead and browse our inventory online and get an idea of the vehicles you would like to test drive when you visit our dealership.   

Harry Blackwell Ford is conveniently located to Butler, Stoddard, and Dunklin, MO as well as Greene, Randolph and Clay County, AK. However, wherever you are visiting us from, having an idea of which vehicles you would like to see will help our sales team best serve you while you are here.  

Harry Blackwell Ford: Serving Malden, MO and Beyond

Harry Blackwell Ford is pleased to make the vehicle purchasing process simpler and more convenient by offering tools like our Credit Score Estimator, Value Your Trade and Finance Application online. However, if you are in the Malden, Butler, Stoddard, Dunklin or Randolph or  Clay County or Greene, AK area we hope you will stop by our dealership soon!